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Welcome to the new Quartzimodo’s Time Journal! :-)

quartzimodo-128 This blog is dedicated to my watch reviews and personal accounts of the 50-odd timepieces that I currently own. I like Seiko timepieces a lot and have spent years researching into these amazing watches as well as collecting them over the years.

Quartzimodo’s Time Journal was originally hosted on WordPress.com and while I loved the Ocean Mist theme, pretty as it may be it was rather hard to read due to the small font and page layout. Hopefully this one is a bit of an improvement over the previous look! 🙂


Some background on the author

I’m known in the Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum (SCWF) circle as StratMan and I’m a self-confessed “Seikoholic" and a WIS. I first joined the forum in late 2003 and am currently one of the forum’s moderators. My friends have often encouraged me to start a blog of my own and I thought of the easiest subject to write is about my No.1 hobby, which is collecting Japanese watches – namely Seiko, Citizen, Orient, Casio and Alba.

That said, I do have other hobbies, like recording cover songs on my computer (I play the guitar and bass) but these topics will be covered in my forthcoming personal blog. Quartzimodo’s Time Journal is dedicated to articles pertaining to horology and Japanese brand watches.


I am a WIS!

What’s a “WIS", you may ask? Well, this term describes those who are seriously committed to wristwatch collecting and are often overzealous in keeping their watches clean and pristine as possible.

By the way, the acronym “WIS" stands for Watch Idiot Savant. WIS-folk are not confined to just expensive timepieces, they can own a cheap Timex or Casio but all the same, are very careful with their wrist wear.

Watch Idiot Savants (WIS) are known to avoid their watches from getting scraped against the table surface, hide their watches behind their backs in crowds to avoid getting scratches and scuffs. You could say a WIS are somewhat obsessive compulsive about their watches.

To many, a wristwatch is nothing than an adornment to tell the time. You can always tell the time from your cellphone’s clock or PDA. WIS-folk care for their watches as though they are worth their weight in gold. They also know a great deal about timepieces in general, possibly more than than your average watch store salesperson.

If you’re buying a watch that’s owned by a WIS, chances are it’s looking like a new watch with the slightest traces of wear and tear, usually invisible to the naked eye. Contrast this to the beat up, junked second hand watches that you usually find in flea markets or pawn stores.



What’s in a name?

How did the name Quartzimodo came about? Good question. The name was first suggested to me by a very good friend of mine, Kenneth Ang. I picked the name from a plethora of catchy names for a watch site. We originally intended to set up a commercial website dedicated to watch knowledge and sales of watches but we never got it going. I understand that Kenneth is busy juggling his time between his family and his work and I have all the time on my side (pardon the pun!). Therefore I took it upon myself to start my first blog and use the Quartzimodo name.

Quartzimodo is actually a nod towards the Quasimodo character from The Hunchback of Notre Dame novel by the French author Victor Hugo in 1831 but with a little twist. The word “Quasi" is replaced by “Quartz". Quartz is a glossy mineral consisting of silicon dioxide in crystalline form that provides a very accurate means of timekeeping due to its extremely stable resonant frequency.

Timepieces that require electricity to run and for timekeeping (whether it’s generated by light or motion powered) are simply called “quartz watches". Quartzimodo’s Time Journal isn’t about just quartz watches, it covers mechanical, hybrid and solar powered watches too!

Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoy my blog ! :-)




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