Seiko SNKF05K “BFS” Automatic review


SNKF05K icon


Watch History


  • Date acquired: August 28 2007
  • Production date: June 2007
  • Source: Mee Sing Watch Store, Pertama Complex Kuala Lumpur
  • Price paid: MYR400 (USD121)
  • Status: In production



Sometimes I hate Seiko. I really do.

Especially when the company releases an affordable model that makes me want to buy one immediately and then I see an almost similar model with a different dial and both are equally attractive. I get torn between the two and here’s the dilemma: Choose one or buy both?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me when I had just purchased a brand new, SNKF11K and also craved for the SNKF05K at the same time.

It’s also infrequent that Seiko throws at my face two newly launched, affordable and attractive looking models that in fact, I ended up buying both of them in a matter of two days apart.  It’s certainly good business for Seiko but bad for definitely my wallet. Who said that watch collecting isn’t addictive? 😉

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Citizen Nighthawk BJ7017-50ET review

  BJ7010-59E_L (WinCE)


Watch History

  • Date acquired: Nov 26 2005
  • Production date: Aug 2005
  • Source: Capital Mall, eBay
  • Price paid: USD147 (w/o shipping)
  • Status: In production



Having a plethora Seiko watches by late 2005, I thought of trying out a Citizen watch for a change. The Citizen Nighthawk had garnered a cult following in SCWF and received a mixed bag of responses. Some liked its undeniably classic and unique looks. Others shunned it because it was quartz controlled, too large or the dial looked too busy and distracting. For some, it was a love-at-first-sight kind of timepiece while for others like me, it was an acquired taste.

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How to spot fake Seiko watches on eBay


No fake Seikos please!

Ever since I wrote the article on spotting fake Seiko watches in this blog, I’ve received many inquiries from readers asking me to verify whether the watch they are looking at on eBay (or have recently purchased) are genuine or otherwise. Although most of the watches are not really that expensive, they still have the right to be concerned as they want to know whether their hard earned money went into buying the real deal or a counterfeit.

The good news is that most online sellers don’t peddle in fake Seiko watches as eBay is strict with sales of counterfeit goods on the auction site. The bad news is that with so many upcoming new sellers registering themselves as merchants, there’s bound to be a few bad hats that whether knowingly or otherwise that are passing off fake Seiko watches as genuine ones.

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First looks: The new Seiko 4R15 100m automatics

SRP025-1 (WinCE)

It seems that of late Seiko has spent considerable resources in designing and marketing fresh new designs in a concerted effort to gain a wider market share – especially amongst the younger consumers.

Since early 2008, I noticed a strange influx of new models especially in their best selling Seiko 5 and Seiko 5 Sports range (development of their Seiko 5 Superior models appeared to be on a hiatus for now). New models, incorporating totally fresh designs and ones that seem to be rehashed from several older designs both flooded the display racks of watch stores particularly in Southeast Asia.

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Seiko 5 Sports SKZ209K Atlas review


Watch History


  • Date acquired: June 5th 2005
  • Production Date: April 2005
  • Source: Chun Cheong Watch & Pen Store, Sungei Wang Plaza
  • Price paid: MYR560 (approximately USD147)
  • Status: In production


When preliminary photos of the new SKZ207/209/211 Seiko 5 Sports models appeared on the Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum in mid 2005, it caused a stir amongst many of the forum members who collect divers and sports watches.

It was also a historical first for Seiko as the watch company had never produced 200m W.R. versions for their Seiko 5 Sports line before. I’ve been used to seeing the myriad 50m and 100m Seiko 5 Sports models and Seiko’s bold move to introduce a higher water resistance rating sports watch really piqued my interest.

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Preview – The Flight of the Aviator

aviator closeup2 (WinCE)-1

Not too long ago I received some interesting news from one of my blog readers about a new limited edition, custom made watch that’s due to hit the market this coming December. No, it’s not from any of the usual suspects that you’d expect. Not Seiko. Citizen? Uh-huh. Orient? Hardly. Casio? Nope.

No, it’s not from the renowned small scale modders who customize watches using the basic case designs from Seiko either.

Give up? 😉

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